Anna J.

Anna J. is the author of My Woman His Wife, The Aftermath, and Get Money Chicks.

Do you have a special routine when you write?

I can’t really call it a routine; I just pretty much have the whole book thought out already. Just to kind of help myself out a little I write the ending first so that way I know what I’m leading up to and I can stay focused.

What are you working on now?

Write now I’m working on my senior project coming out in the fall of 2008 under Q-Boro Books entitled My Little Secret. I went back to the writing style of My Woman His Wife, my freshman release, and drummed up some spice and scandal that I’m sure the readers will be shocked about.

Who are a few street fiction authors or titles that you have enjoyed reading?

I’m a life long fan of Treasure E. Blue, Mark Anthony and K’wan. Anything these guys pen I’m buying!

Outside of street fiction, who are few authors that you enjoy?

Wow, there’s so many it’s hard to chose, but since you’re forcing me (lol), I’ll have to say Dywane Birch (author of Shattered Souls and From My Soul To Yours), TuShonda Whitaker (author of The Ex Files) and E. Lynn Harris (author of Invisible Life, Just as I am, and so many others).

Who’s your favorite character from your books?

Monica, hands down. I love her energy and her wit. She’s quick on her feet, and it’s best to not be made an enemy or else. At the same time there’s a softness and a weakness about her that not too many get to see, and I think I’m a lot like her in that kind of way.

How do you think women are portrayed in street fiction? Is it positive or negative?

Depending on what the book is talking about it can go both ways. Honestly, I think women characters are a lot stronger than they use to be. They aren’t just playing the victim, they are really ride or die, and that’s how a lot of real women are now days.

Recently, there has been some criticism of street fiction in the news, so in your opinion, why is street fiction important and why should people read it? Why should librarians purchase street fiction?

Street fiction, just like the news, keeps your ear to the street and what’s really going on. In my opinion, 80% of a book is fiction. The other 20% comes from what we see in the street, how we live out here in these streets, and the every day grind on the street that we witness on a daily basis. You can’t hide from it because as soon as you step out of your door it’s there. Take it as a learning experience. Why should a librarian purchase street lit books? That’s an easy question, to broaden her knowledge of her surroundings. The hood is every where you go whether you live right in the heart of it or four blocks down and three blocks over from it. It ain’t going nowhere, you dig?

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