187 Iz An Art by Mikal H. El-Amin and Richard L. Brown

187 Iz An Art by Mikal H. El-Amin and Richard L. BrownKamikaze and Killa are cousins, from the inner city streets of Durham, North Carolina. They hustle drugs and commit minor crimes, in order to keep pocket money. Kamikaze becomes infatuated with Paula an older girl from his projects, but after she rejects him, he realizes that the world he is from is motivated by money and power. Paula, Tiffany, and Nee Cee, are three close friends from Liberty Street Projects, whom are all very beautiful street savvy older girls. The three friends willingly enter into a deadly life of hustling, deceit, and violence, when they join the cousins after they notice Kamikaze and Killa gaining power in their neighborhood. The two cousins form a powerful drug organization called the 187 CRU, and the three girls take on the ranks of lieutenants. Because of its tight organization the 187 CRU grows in power fast, all on the premise of the crew’s motto, which is to murder it’s way to power.

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