Thicker Than Water by Takerra Allen

Thicker Than Water by Takerra AllenDubbed the Sex and the City of the Hood! Sasha, Tatum, Neli, and Kim are four gorgeous girlfriends hailing from the infamous Brick City Newark, NJ. Trying hard to survive the struggle but making sure they look good and have fun doing it, they are all caught up in the game in their own way. However the bond that they share seems to prove strong enough to conquer almost anything. That is until secrets are revealed, temptation is tested, and pride, envy, and vanity play at the core of their relationships. With drugs, money, and murder as their surroundings, and beauty and brains as their only weapons, we are taken on a journey through one hot summer in the hood that is sure to be unforgettable. With good times, and bad times, fun times, and sad times, there is only question left to be answered in the end about their friendship. Can it stand the tests of loyalty, and although it is not quite blood, is it Thicker Than Water?

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Book One: Thicker Than Water Book Two: Still Thicker Than Water


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