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What are the titles of the urban fiction books you have had published?

Bad Habit

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started writing?

I have always had an active imagination, creating scenes and scenarios. One day I started writing my thoughts into a notebook, then typed them and my thoughts became my first novel Crave.
I love romance, I love being in love and I love reading about love and now I love writing about love.

Do you have a special routine when you write?

I always write down my thoughts whenever they pop in my head. once I get a lot of those thoughts down, I will sit down and piece them together to create a story.

Tell us more about your last book, and what are you working on now?

Bad Habit is the sequel to Crave, originally it was going to be a part of Crave but I like a little suspense so I turned it into a sequel.
My latest novel is 2nd Sunday(playing for keep) I am unsure of a release date but the information will be posted on my website as soon as I get a release date.

Who’s your favorite character from your books? Why?

Tiffany is my favorite character, she is a little nieve but she believes that love conquers all.

Tell Us Your Top Ten Favorite Books that You’ve Read

The last novels I read and enjoyed were Murder Mama’s, and the Cartel.

What do you say to critics of street fiction?

Everyone has a story to tell good or bad.

Why should librarians purchase street fiction for their collections?

Readers are diverse and should not be limited to a cookie cutter shape type of book.

What advice do you have for new authors who hope to publish their urban fiction books?

Write, read and never give up on your dream.

Any final words for fans of your books?

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