Streets of New York, Volume 2

Streets of New York, Volume 2Volume II brings together the collective efforts of Anthony Whyte, Erick S. Gray and Mark Anthony with devastating foreward aptly delivered by K’wan. A year later Promise tries to pull farther away from the gangsta life, but the streets keep calling. Squeeze and Show are making out like bandits with a nightclub they now operate in Brooklyn, called the Brooklyn café. Grindin’s in the streets is no longer an option but this legal hustle still requires street muscles and trouble follow the pair like heat on a hot, sunny day. The hustle of the streets is brought to the club scene with the same energy. Promise is envious and returns to claim what he believes he’s owed. This sets off a divide amongst the gang. It’s a rift so wide that a war amongst partners is set-off, leaving participants reeling and grieving with deadly losses. Find out how it all unfolds in the Streets of New York Volume II.

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Book One: Streets of New York, Volume 1
Book Two: Streets of New York, Volume 2
Book Three: Streets of New York, Volume 3

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