Streets of New York, Volume 1

Streets of New York, Volume 1A true coming of age urbanthology, The Streets of New York Volume 1 offers readers a descriptive trip into the lives of Promise, Squeeze, Show and Pooh, young, big, brash and bold from the streets of Brook-Nam. They are modern day gangstas who take the law into their own hands by helping rid the neighborhood of derelicts; they jack drug dealers, pimps and their hos’. Is that enough to satisfy their appetite or do they enjoy the hunt of the sport? Robbery, jooksing and jacking are the specialty of their trade and the gang is successful at doing what they do best. But when is enough, enough? Streets of New York Volume 1 is a Hip Hop urbanthology created by Hip Hop fiction’s best authors, Erick S. Gray, Mark Anthony and Anthony Whyte with a brutally honest forward by Shannon Holmes.

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Book One: Streets of New York, Volume 1
Book Two: Streets of New York, Volume 2
Book Three: Streets of New York, Volume 3

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