SELFISH INTENTIONS by Rahsaan AliAfter losing his job with an urban magazine, Nate moves from Baltimore to New York in search of a new start. Moe, Nate’s friend since childhood, is a DJ for a popular hip-hop station in New York. With help of some connections and his friend, Nate lands a job working for another successful hip-hop magazine.

As Nate becomes reacquainted with New York, he runs into Tierra, a girl he knew back in the day. Tierra is an around the way girl from Queens who is trying to get the best for her and her young son. After seeing Nate again, she starts to see him as more than just a friend. He could be a way out of her current situation.

Ambition might get the better of Nate, who wants to write a controversial article about a hot rap star. Can Moe convince him not to make a huge mistake before Nate’s Selfish Intentions get him more than he bargained for?

Get SELFISH INTENTIONS and find more street lit by Rahsaan Ali.

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