Joy Comes In The Morning by Ashea Goldson

Joy Comes In The Morning by Ashea GoldsonSister Alex Carter is seemingly a pillar of spiritual strength, working diligently in the ministry, trying to help everyone – but she has a secret. In fact, she’s really a ticking time bomb. She’s set to marry Deacon Joshua Bennings, a bishop’s son and the church’s most eligible bachelor, but she can’t seem to escape a mistake from her past. Now a past lover is making a selfish attempt to expose Alex; so, she learns to fight,

Alex strikes a moral indictment against the church, pledging to right the wrongs of hypocrisy. Meanwhile, a flirtatious church sister is competing for Joshua’s attention, and Alex is not sure he’ll still love her because she is holding on to a job that’s pulling her further away from the will of God for her life.

As Alex wrestles to maintain her spotless reputation, her prepackaged life begins to unravel, bringing her to the brink of losing everything she has worked so hard for. Finding herself in the beautiful plains of Kenya, Alex is forced to face not only her past, but her future as well. Will she ever learn that through Christ, no matter how dark it gets, joy comes in the morning?

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