First Comes Love (Urban Christian) By Shana Burton

First Comes LoveWhere do broken hearts go? To Las Vegas, of course! At least they do if they belong to real-estate agent London Harris and restaurateur Bernard Phillips. Too bad what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there. . .

London and Bernard jet off to Vegas for a night of parties and casinos to numb their broken hearts. What they don’t count on, however, is waking up next to each other the following morning with a nasty hangover and a signed marriage certificate. London and Bernard nix their plans to quietly and quickly annul the marriage when London’s grandmother uses a fast tongue and biblical principles to convince them to try to make their marriage work.

It doesn’t take the newlyweds long to realize that maintaining a friendship is a lot harder than sustaining a marriage. Their constant bickering leads London to finding solace with Creighton, an old flame who’s trapped in a loveless marriage of his own. Their marriage is further strained when Rayne, a sexy new temptress, sets her sights on Bernard. After a night of passion leads to unintended consequences, London and Bernard seek God for answers and are forced to decide if loving someone means holding on to that person at all costs or being willing to let go.

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