Black Pearl By Marilyn Mayo Anderson

Black Pearl By Marilyn Mayo AndersonMarcus Phillips is his father’s pride and joy. He is a Christian, well mannered, and an intelligent young man. At an early age, he had already decided what his life’s work would be. He had aspirations of becoming a doctor every since he was 10 years old. He planned to specialize in Cardiology. For a brief period in his life, his peers were negatively influencing him. To equip Marcus in handling negative influences, his father tried to be a strong positive role model for his son, by encouraging Marcus to read the Word of God and live by His standards. Marcus’ father constantly lectured him about staying focused on his education and not letting modern-day Delilahs distract him. As a young adolescent, Marcus remained very focused. He was shy and reserved, and he was considered by his classmates to be a nerd. However, at the age of sixteen, he became mesmerized with a self-centered and very persuasive girl named Shelby Williams. Shelby was everything that Marcus wasn’t: popular, outgoing, fashionable, and vivacious. He daydreamed about having a beautiful girl like Shelby one day, but believed that a girl like her would never notice him, so he tried his best to ignore her. Although Marcus tried to ignore Shelby, she masterminded a plan to force her way into his life. She barged her way into his life with such aggression that he was taken aback, but yet, so intrigued by her presence that he felt powerless to resist her. Despite his father’s warnings about her, he was drawn to her like a moth to a flame, and the peaceful life he was accustomed to would never be the same. Shelby’s main focus in life was to party and spend money. She had no interest in going to church or becoming a Christian like Marcus. To make matters worse, her mother, who was from a wealthy family, was determined not to let her daughter end up with a poor person like Marcus. This made Shelby more determined than ever to have Marcus as her trophy. Despite their parents’ disapproval, Marcus and Shelby ultimately ended up together, but Marcus would spend a tremendous amount of valuable time, (distracting him from his dream of becoming a doctor), on the roller coaster of emotions with Shelby. Was his faith in God and support from his family strong enough to enable him to survive this tumultuous relationship?

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